MRCPCH: Explore The Career Prospects Of The Famed Membership

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MRCPCH: Explore The Career Prospects Of The Famed Membership

Child health and well-being are the cornerstones of The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. In order to become a member of RCPCH (MRCPCH), a candidate has to pass four postgraduate examinations that take place in various countries.

Candidates get to attempt these exams thrice every year. The motive of the exam is to find the candidates who excel in the paediatric skills the industry demands.

Role Of a Paediatrician

A paediatrician happens to be a child health specialist who takes care of the medical and health needs of children. They undertake regular health check-ups and diagnose illnesses and injuries.

Significance Of Paediatrics

Paediatrics is a distinguished specialization and a promising career option for young doctors. Anyone who has completed MBBS in India and is planning to work in the UK or abroad can opt for paediatrics. This specialty deals with children and facilitates long-term networking with the families.

Prospects Of MRCPCH

Opportunities are plenty for a member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. A candidate is eligible to practice in the UK and can apply for positions that require MRCPCH or equivalent as a requirement along with MBBS.

The membership is valid in the UK, Ireland, Singapore, India and most countries in the Gulf, Asia and Europe. The members of the Royal College of Physicians can practice anywhere. They get to sideline most qualifying exams stipulated by countries to become paediatric consultants.

To work in the UK, one has to complete their education in the UK or apply for specialty training in the UK after clearing the required exams in their native country. The job prospects for MRCPCH Paediatrics are ever so increasing as institutions and hospitals are always on the lookout for candidates with experience to occupy senior posts.

Foreign applicants have to qualify to attend MRCPCH exams first. They need to clear some essential exams to take up MRCPCH while in India.

1. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or OET (Occupational English Test)

These exams evaluate your English skills. They analyse how well you understand the language and communication skills. Candidates are expected to score a 7.0 band at least to sit for the PLAB.

2. PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board)

This test gauges your capability as a doctor. It further tests how safely you can work as a senior house officer (SHO).

PLAB is not the only way to prove the professional ability of a candidate. It is not required if you have completed your internship in your native country. Indian doctors who hold a license are eligible to attend the MRCPCH exam.

Career Options After MRCPCH

On successful completion of MRCPCH, one can apply for registration and a license. A host of career paths are awaiting that are related to acquiring specialized training. They are:

Medical Training Initiative (Paediatrics) or MTI (P)

This is a two-year fellowship assured by RCP. It is for unregistered doctors from developing nations who wish to work in the UK.

International Paediatric Sponsorship Scheme (IPSS)

This enables international students to ease specialty learning. It is for those doctors who miss the eligibility criteria for MTI (P)

Entry Into A UK Training Program With Sub-specialty Training

International students need not take the specialty training if they are GMC registered. They are eligible for non-training positions.

Senior House Officer (SHO)

There are ways you can adopt if you are unsuccessful in getting the sponsorship from RCP. You may apply for the SHO position in any hospital or institution. You will be supervised by consultants and specialists. The position involves implementation of your understanding of core subjects. It is similar to the position of junior doctors and the work hierarchy is more or less the same.

Core Medical Training (CMT)

This offers advanced training in paediatric specialties. The trainees are specialty registrars. This is a two-year program for the interns. You can always register with GMC after MRCPCH. These are not post MRCPCH exams but specializations. The trainees would be regularly tested through the periodic tests thrice during the training period.

Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE)

You may apply for the specialty certification exam after completing specialty training. The exam holds loads of weightage.

MRCPCH is a demanding exam. It calls for proper guidance and support from teaching faculty and your end efforts. Hope you found this information useful. All the best with your MRCPCH preparation.

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