An organization known for quality and excellence, StudyMRCPCH stands with the students by providing them most updated course products and study materials which comply with the syllabus. We have arranged study materials which are often rated the best in the industry in diversified formats like videos, audio podcasts, summaries and more.

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An exclusive high yielding product for SEP exam going candidates designed based on high yielding and most chosen questions for exams. The product covers all the modules and gives you the best mock exam experience for MRCPCH AKP.

  • The Product Contains 600 MCQ’s
  • The product is designed paper wise with 60 MCQ’s in each paper
  • Each paper is designed high yielding questions and exam tested questions.
  • All the questions have clear explanations and also image references wherever required.
  • Students can attempt infinite times the mock exams without any restrictions.
  • Product Validity - 1 Month Subscription

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