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StudyMRCPCH offers a comprehensive and meticulously crafted course for aspirants preparing for MRCPCH FOP exam to become proud members of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). With the world’s top-quality MRCPCH mentors who are working across the globe, we are committed to ensuring a top-quality learning experience for all. We follow a systematic approach, covering the entire syllabus. Make use of this amazing opportunity to learn with the help of a specialty designed user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) and the StudyMEDIC mobile app.


MRCPCH FOP/TAS - Regular Course

MRCPCH FOP/TAS – Regular Course

  • Live online sessions delivered by a panel of expert mentors.
  • Mock Exams to help you evaluate your learning progress.
  • Mentors to evaluate the performance of the candidate
  • Exclusive support with essential books, question models

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MRCPCH FOP/TAS – Exam Essential Revision Program

MRCPCH FOP/TAS – Exam Essential Revision Course

    • Easy one-click access to a bunch of high-quality learning materials and resources.
    • Mock exams to practice and get familiar with the real exam pattern
    • Intensive study group support where you will get guidance by the mentors
    • An intensive revision module provided with high yield

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