MRCPCH: Become Aware Of The Demands Of The Exam And Ideal Ways To Prepare

  • BY StudyMEDIC - 25th Jan 2024

MRCPCH: Become Aware Of The Demands Of The Exam And Ideal Ways To Prepare

MRCPCH is a prerequisite for physicians who aspire to be child specialists. To obtain this membership, they need to clear the MRCPCH examination conducted by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. The exam consists of one clinical and three theory exams. The MRCPCH exam is extremely hard to pass. It demands more in-depth and complex answers as it entails a wider spectrum of issues. Read on to discover the best ways to prepare for the exam.

To pursue an MRCPCH degree, applicants must pass four postgraduate medical exams. One clinical and three theory exams make up the MRCPCH examinations.

Foundation of Practice (FOP) – theory exam (basic child health)

Theory and Science (TAS) – theory exam

This exam focuses on the physiological, pharmacological, and scientific principles of clinical practice.

Applied knowledge in practice (AKP) – theory exam

This evaluation concentrates on knowledge synthesis/evaluation. In addition, it assesses the clinical decision-making and management skills of paediatricians

MRCPCH Exam – multi-station OSCE

It is possible to take theory exams in any order of preference.

Study Tips for Foundation of Practice (FOP)

The FOP exam provides an assessment of basic paediatric knowledge. Besides, it examines paediatric knowledge and clinical decision-making abilities in the training process. Use a variety of sources when revising and preparing for the FOP exam. Search for books, websites, or ask your colleagues for help. You cannot prepare for the FOP exam by reading a textbook alone.

You must recognize patterns to pass the MRCPCH exam. Practicing questions repeatedly, and applying the knowledge you gain from books is the only way to learn. These exams have no negative marking. Make sure you answer every question.

Make sure you revise the basic science and statistics. There is no risk of missing marks when these questions appear in the MRCPCH exam. You should cover the entire syllabus instead of focusing on just a few parts. You will likely pass the MRCPCH Part 1 exam if you practice papers.

Study Tips for Theory and Science (TAS)

TAS assesses the candidate’s understanding of scientific principles supporting clinical practice. While revising for the TAS exam, be sure to focus on specific topics. It is important to include pathways and receptors that do not appear in clinical examinations.

Tips For Applied Knowledge Practice Tests

AKP tests clinical decision-making and management skills. It examines different diagnosis investigations and management decisions. There are two exams in the AKP, each lasting an hour. The AKP exam may contain data interpretation questions, photographs, and case histories. Before starting to study for the exam, print the exam syllabus and go over the topics.

Tips For Clinical Exam

The MRCPCH Clinical exam measures your capabilities as a junior resident. The duration for clinical examinations and communication stations is nine minutes each. Follow these tips on the day of the exam.

When you leave one station, don’t panic if something goes wrong. Don’t worry about it and continue with your journey. A bad station should not ruin your entire test.

Hope you found this information helpful. All the best with your MRCPCH exams!!

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