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An expert in child health and paediatrics, Dr Ponnu S Pillai is working with StudyMEDIC as a mentor and shares her extensive knowledge and expertise to help MRCPCH aspirants to achieve their goals. She completed her MBBS from Amrita School of Medicine Cochin, a Diploma in Child Health (DCH) from Sarojini Naidu University in Agra, and a Doctorate of Medicine (DM) in Neurology.
She pursued DNB Paediatrics from St. Philomena’s Hospital, one of the oldest maternity and child
hospitals in Bangalore. Her medical career was elevated further by achieving the RCPCH
Membership in February 2023, on her first attempt.
Throughout her career, Dr. Ponnu has worked as a resident paediatrician in several prestigious
hospitals including KIMS Hospital Cochin, Mount Zion Medical College, Pathanamthitta and many
more. Currently, she serves as a junior consultant paediatrician at Lifeline Super Specialty Hospital in Adoor.
She has extensive expertise in emergency procedures, acute neurological conditions, interventional neurology, and the diagnosis and management of degenerative diseases. She is also well-trained in various electrophysiological procedures, such as EEG interpretation, nerve conduction studies, VEP, EMG, and RNS. Additionally, she possesses clinical skills in IV cannulation, endotracheal intubation, umbilical vessel catheterization, and PICC line insertion.
Clinical Skills
■ Excellent clinical skills like IV Cannulation
■ Endotracheal Intubation, Umbilical Vessel
■ Catheterization, PICC Line Insertion
■ Good Skill in performing Lumbar Puncture
■ Expert in Newborn Resuscitation
■ Trained in various electrophysiological procedures
■ like interpretation of EEG, Nerve conduction study, VEP, EMG and RNS


Syncope masquerading Narcolepsy – An Unusual Presentation (IP Indian Journal of Neurosciences)


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