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Wed 07, 2024
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Last call for MRCPCH AKP Diet 3 exam: Book by July 5

 The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has opened the booking window for the MRCPCH AKP September 2024 (Diet 3) examination. This is a friendly reminder to all aspiring paediatricians that the booking for the MRCPCH AKP Diet 3 exam will close on July 5.

Key dates for the MRCPCH AKP Diet 3 exam

The MRCPCH theory exams are held three times a year, which gives you the flexibility to plan your exams strategically. Here are the important details about the upcoming MRCPCH AKP (Applied Knowledge in Practice) exam.

Exam date: Wednesday 18, September 2024

Applications open: From July 1, 2024 (09:30 UK time)

July 1- UK&ROI online invigilation, Overseas online invigilation, UAE, Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar

July 2- India, Pakistan

July 3- UK&ROI test centres, Singapore

Applications close: (all at 16:00 UK time)

Friday 5, July 2024- Online invigilation (UK and overseas)

Thursday 11, July 2024- Test centres (UK and overseas)

MRCPCH exam format

 For MRCPCH, there are three theory exams and one clinical exam. The theory exams are non-sequential, so you can take them in any order. You must pass the three theory exams before you can apply for the clinical part.

MRCPCH AKP exam format

 The MRCPCH AKP (Applied Knowledge in Practice) exam is designed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, understanding, and clinical decision-making abilities. MRCPCH AKP comprises two exams, which can be taken on the same day.

Mode of exam: Computer-based test

Exam type: Theory

Exam pattern: It is similar to a SBA, except here two or three answers are required from a longer list.

Duration: 2.5 hours each

The MRCPCH AKP exam is a challenging yet rewarding step in your paediatric career. However, with thorough preparation and dedication, you can overcome this hurdle in a single attempt. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts regarding the MRCPCH exam.

By : rasheedaav

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