Significance of MRCPCH

Fri 09, 2023
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Significance of MRCPCH

Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH) is an exam of paramount value for anyone who is about to venture into the paediatrics domain. Furthermore, this is recommended for doctors who wish for specialist training. In addition, the General Medical Council (GMC) accredits the program. This makes it relatively easy for aspiring doctors who want to be registered as paediatricians. Moreover, paediatrics keeps getting more and more recognized worldwide. Paediatricians from universities like TAU-UCN are in high demand. Lastly, fellowship courses in paediatrics keep on maintaining the right balance between teaching the curriculum and learning the nurture for child health.


The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health is an accepted body that is responsible for paediatrics in the UK. It keeps track and oversees the educational curriculum and quality of training provided to the ones interested in the specialty. In addition, the MRCPCH examinations consist of four comprehensive exams, three of which are theoretical and one being clinical studies.


A fellowship after MD pediatrics in India makes it easier to clear the MRCPCH exams. Moreover, the training aligns with GMC standards which makes sure you can clear the exams with ease. The exams are:

· Foundation of Practice (FOP): It covers essential child health.

· Theory and Science (TAS): This deals with the basics of psychological, pharmacological, and scientific clinical practice concepts.

· Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP): This involves clinical decision-making, management, knowledge evaluation/synthesis

· MRCPCH clinical examination: This include a Multi-station OSCE

One can attempt the three theory exams in any order. Furthermore, overseas doctors looking for a career in the UK do this fellowship in paediatrics in India because it offers complete GMC registration. It further guarantees a dream job that is fulfilling and accepted around the globe.

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Eligibility Criteria

· One must complete the primary medical qualification accepted and approved by the GMC for registration to succeed in the theory exams.

· Completion of the three theory examinations is mandatory to appear for the MRCPCH clinical examination.

· Two people should sponsor those who take up the clinical examination. They should prove that they are knowledgeable in pediatrics and have the mettle to take the exam.

· At least 2.5 years of paediatric training is required to pursue Paediatric fellowship courses.

· At least one year of clinical practice in attending and handling emergency paediatric cases is mandatory.

· Six months of experience as a house paediatrician after graduation. Otherwise, one must have at least six months of experience in any post that involves the nurturing and care of emergency paediatric patients.

Career Options in India after MRCPCH

Career options are not just confined to becoming a paediatrician after MRCPCH. Moreover, one can become a neonatology doctor, lecturer, consultant and so on. There are other further specializations one can choose from. In addition, one can become a paediatric surgeon, paediatric cardiologist, paediatric endocrinologist, developmental-behavioural paediatrician or a paediatric orthopaedist. Lastly, career options are plenty for those who display potential in the subject matter and are ambitious.

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