Didn’t Crack NEET PG? MRCPCH: Your Ticket to a Global Paediatric Career

Wed 06, 2024
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Didn’t Crack NEET PG? MRCPCH: Your Ticket to a Global Paediatric Career

Wondering if there are any alternate paths other than cracking NEET PG for pursuing higher medical education?

Then fret not; the MRCPCH exam is just what you need. Membership in the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health is a prestigious title offered by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to those who successfully pass the MRCPCH exam.


 The MRCPCH Exam is accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC), which further eases the registration process for aspiring paediatricians wishing to practise medicine in the UK.

The MRCPCH Exam opens gates to a global career in paediatrics and child health. All the while providing significant development in your career.

Moreover, paediatrics keeps getting more and more recognised worldwide and fellowship courses in paediatrics keep on maintaining the right balance between teaching the curriculum and learning the nurture for child health.

MRCPCH Exam and Preparation:

MRCPCH exam preparation is not a walk in the park; one needs the necessary dedication and hard work, along with a thorough understanding of the exam structure. The MRCPCH Exam consists of:

  • Foundation of Practice (FOP)
  • Theory and Science (TAS)
  • Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP)
  • MRCPCH clinical examination: This includes a multi-station OSCE.

A thorough understanding and application of the right learning strategies are needed for perfect MRCPCH exam preparation.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for the MRCPCH exam consist of:

  • Completion of a primary medical qualification accepted and approved by the GMC.
  • Completion of the three theory examinations is compulsory to appear for the clinical part of the MRCPCH examination.
  • Two people should sponsor those who take up the clinical examination by providing proof of the candidate’s knowledge in paediatrics and having what it takes to attend the exam.
  • At least one year of clinical practice in attending to and handling emergency paediatric cases is mandatory.
  • Six months of experience as a house paediatrician after graduation is required; if not so, one must possess at least six months of experience in a post that requires nurturing and care of emergency paediatric patients.

In summary, there are a multitude of paths to higher medical education other than NEET PG, and MRCPCH is one of the significant paths for aspiring paediatricians to guarantee a great career beyond borders.

Still feeling confused about what to choose? Then feel free to contact us to get a clearer picture of the preparation and structure of both the NEET PG and MRCPCH examinations.

By : rasheedaav

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